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अब तक का सबसे बड़ा खुलासा | Education System in India | Case Study by Dr Vivek Bindra

In this video Dr. Vivek Bindra exposes the Biggest Scandal in the Education system in India. He demonstrates the systematic fraud and loot in the Education system illustrating systematic evidences and case references of some of the best education systems and Universities prevalent abroad. He also speaks in detail about the outstanding education loan and the heavy debt under which the students in the country are reeling under the pressure.1. Know about the Education System In India2. Know about the Education Scenario in India3. Know how to choose your career4. Know how to select your career5. Know how to identify your career6.Know which college to join7.Know the scope of Education system in India8. Know which is the best curriculum9. Know about the best universities10. Know about the best curriculum11. Know how to choose your MBA course12. Know how to prepare for MBA13. Know more about campus placements14. Know more about student loan15. Know more about Education Fraud16 Know more about Education Corruption17. Know more about Corporate Placement18. Know more about Corporate campus19. Know more about College Campus20. Know more about which college to join21. Know more about hiring system22. Know more about coaching institute23. How to select the best coaching Institute24. How to select the best tutor25. How to select the best coaching class1. If you want to invite Mr. Vivek Bindra for a Training , Seminar or Event , then please click on the link: or Call at +91-9810544443 2. If you want to attend a LIVE seminar of Mr. Vivek Bindra then please click on the link: or Call at +91-9810544443 3. 3.Read Powerful Articles for Your Growth and success at: 4. If you want to know how the participants felt about the 1st batch of the 6 months long term leadership funnel program the click on this link: 5. If you want to know how the participants fell about the other batches of the leadership funnel program , then do visit the following links: ... | ...