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10 Most Amazing Helicopters

Here are the top 10 most extreme helicopters in the world ! From expensive military air crafts to Night Hunter attack helicopters ! Subscribe for weekly wacky videos and learn interesting fs about the world with awesome top 10 lists and other amazing videos. 5 - Hughes MH-6 Little Bird - The Hughes MH-6 Little Bird , also known as “the Killer Egg” , is a United States military light helicopter , used primarily for special operations , including reconnaissance , troop transport , evacuation , escort and attack missions. The name “Little Bird” is a moniker given to it due to the f that it was a small helicopter that could land in the most restrictive locations. It has a crew of two , but can carry an additional 6 commandos. It has a maximum speed of 175 miles per hour and a range of 267 miles. It sports a 30 millimeter M230 Chain Gun and 2 mounts for rocket pods. It is currently employed in the United States , Malaysia and the Republic of Korea. 4 - SIKORSKY SH-3 SEA KING - The Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King is an American medium sized twin-engine , all weather , anti-submarine helicopter. It was the first introduced in 1961 and was retired by the United States military in 2006 , yet it still remains in service in other countries around the world. It was the first amphibious helicopter and the first to perform both hunter and killer duties , which used to be performed by separate aircraft. It could even land in the water , deploying air bags from its sponsors to aid in stability and buoyancy. And it was the primary helicopter used to retrieve NASA space capsules , including Apollo 14. Variants of the design have been produced for non-attack roles , such as search and rescue , minesweeping , and personnel and cargo transport. One variation of the design included a winch to help guide the helicopter down on to aircraft carriers during harsh weather conditions. It typically carried a 4 person crew , but could accommodate up to 28 soldiers. Armaments varied depending on the mission. In it