10DOH Day 4: I Dream of ASMR Role Play. UNINTELLIGIBLE, Inaudible, Sticky Fingers on Doughnut Clutch

Purchase a FULLY PERSONALIZED video ^_^: My Patreon support page: Donate: the_fairest @hotmail.com Website: Facebook: Email: brittanyasmr @gmail.com Vlog: Twitter: Instagram: Participate in the PO Box Ornament Project by sending an ornament to the following address by December 15th new: Brittany ASMR PO Box 24 Chuckey , Tennessee 37641 United States Hi , everyone ! Some of you may not recognize the charer I LOOSELY based this off of (I Dream of Jeannie) but it doesnt really matter. All you need to know is that this is a Genie role play and I grant you three very special ASMR wishes ! The three top triggers (on my channel) are unintelligible whispering , inaudible whispering and sticky fingers/tapping on the doughnut clutch ! So those are the asmr trigger sounds you can expect to find here. Theres also some personal attention and some random tapping on my plastic genie lamp as well , and the sounds of plastic glowsticks somewhere in there , too. I hope you enjoy it ! And keep an eye out for the next charers in the ! New videos every day for the rest of the month. Take care !