After Eight Years in Guantánamo, He Yearns to Return

After Eight Years in Guantánamo , He Yearns to Return " All that blackness comes back. " Rim Ben Ismail , a psychologist working for the World Organization Against Torture in Tunisia , who has counseled12 Tunisians who were detained in Guantánamo , says Mr. Hammadi’s wish to return to his cell is fairly typical of the Guantánamo detainees.Ben Emmerson , the United Nations special rapporteur for human rights while countering terrorism , said during a recent visit to Tunisiathat human rights should be central to counterterrorism operations , noting that torture and other repressive measures fuel radicalism.In a report released this week , Amnesty International accused the Tunisian policeand security forces of employing repressive measures used by past dictatorships , including torture , deaths in custody , arbitrary house raids and often unlawful harassment of suspects , their families and communities.After eight years as a detainee in the United States detention facility in Guantánamo Bay , Cuba , he says he still suffers from headaches , depressionand anxiety attacks from the torture and other mistreatment he says he suffered there , even six years after his release.Red Cross refused that Two or three weeks ago I went to the Red Crossand asked them to connect me to the U.S. foreign ministry to ask to go back to Guantánamo.After the popular uprising in 2011 that overthrew Mr. Ben Ali and set off the Arab Spring , Mr. Hammami negotiated his return to Tunisia.