Alessandra Liverani - - They Said He Was Really, Really Dumb: : Humour

He was a little fluffy white dog , well more accurately grey He'd jump and he'd run , he knew how to play Sometimes he barked persistently in the middle of the night Like I said , his owners didn't think he was too bright Monty would sit looking up , while a raging torrent of words Flowed past him , for all we knew , he thought them completely absurd But amidst all the cacophony , a single utterance caught his attention He suddenly looked bright and alert , full of comprehension The word 'walk' was dropped ever so briefly and offhandedly But Monty responded immediately and completely understandingly 'Walk' meant loads of fun , meant sniffing around Seeing nature in its glory , scampering over new ground Meeting old pals and stretching his limbs Twisting and turning at any old whim Words like tobacco , alcohol and ecstasy had no meaning to him These words were easily lost in the general din They didn't signify excitement or having bucket loads of fun Sometimes I wish people had his kind of dumb ! (Sydney , Australia - 2008)Alessandra Liverani