Arctic Refreeze Possible But Should We Do It

An arctic refreeze is possible but the question remains , should we do it?Scientists say that we could use a relatively inexpensive solution to refreeze the melting Arctic icecaps.The level of ice in the Arctic Ocean is half of what it was in the 1980s. By putting reflective particles into the atmosphere , we could lower the amount of sunlight that reaches the surface of the Earth , but is more tampering with environmental conditions the solution to our current problems?This sort of drastic solution is part of a science known as geoengineering that has some people questioning the idea to try and rescue the arctic from melting. Keith Allott , who is the head of climate change for the World Wildlife Fund in the United Kingdom told the Windsor Star that “there are some unfortunate overlaps between parts of the geoengineering community and parts of the fossil fuel lobby.” Allot thinks that putting the power of environmental control in the hands of government is not a good idea , and that reducing carbon emissions is the first step towards fixing the climate change problem , instead of a quick fix that may cause more damage to the environment , or only addressing some aspects of the problem. Do you think we should try to refreeze the Arctic?