Audiojack featuring Kevin Knapp 'Stay Glued' (Gorge Remix)

Subscribe to Defected Records: in Ibiza over ten years ago and remaining there ever since , Audiojack are house pioneers and their single on DFTD , ‘Stay Glued’ featuring Kevin Knapp , is a tech house masterpiece. With a commanding vocal , a rumbling bassline , and a classic tech house thumping beat to accompany , this track is full of attitude. As well as the duo’s new 2014 Tool Version , the package boasts an array of remixes from a host of underground stars.London DJ ZDS’ rework is energetic and insanely catchy. Selecting a snippet of the original vocal , which dips in and out of the mix , it still has a moody and ghetto tech edge , and is layered with a simplistic thumping beat and bassline which combine seamlessly. Sebo K’s reworking is dynamic , with a progressive synth layered in parts over the minimal tech beat , it has a calming and soothing element , yet it is energetic and remains true to the original style. FCL’s adaptation fuses many elements of electronic music together. It has a tech edge , but with the addition of a bassline which sits with the vocal , a high hat beat and high pitched electronic synths it is an interesting blend of styles. Finally , Gorge completely transformed ‘Stay Glued’; adding a heavier bassline and an uplifting groove , it loses its tech edge , and shuffles into the deep house genre. Stripping it of its heavy moodiness , and using a small snippet of the original vocal , it has a more chilled vibe.Released 13/10/14Beatport: Muzu: YouTube is the home of house music with artists including MK , Sam Divine , Noir , Copyright , Nick Curly , Dennis Ferrer