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BB Cream vs White cream|| what is best for everyday makeup routine?

almost every one have this question.. what is best for daily use? bb cream? white cream? or foundation? @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ A.This video is not sponsored. B.why both from lakme? because if i use products from different brands then my opinion may be questioned by many viewers.. here i am not talking about any company or brand neither about any individual product. C.why this video? many people across the world are confused about daily ware creams , this is the time we should start talking about them. when we go for special days we know which foundation is best for each one of us. but daily ware makeup is still confusing many people. @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ my opinion- i dont have any opinion on these two creams. i performed all the tests so that you can pick up the best for you , makeup doesnt have any rule.. here i m not the king that you have to listen to me ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! the result is in front of you.. now its your choice and decision.. the skin is yours and you are every way resposible for how it looks.. products i used- 1. LAKME ABSOLUTE PERFECT RADIENCE SKIN LIGHTENING DAY CREAM// with sunscreen (50g-Rs.280) 2.LAKME 9TO5 weightless mousse foundation (29 g-RS.575) my shade is 01 ROSE IVORY Q. why i used this mouse foundation from lakme? lakme dont have a BB cream they have a CC cream , i m NOT a big fan of that , as i used one of the best white cream present in market so it was essential to pick one of the best brown cream from the market hence i used this weightless mousse foundation. to show you people the true results the experiments were performed.. check my channel for other videos like share comment subscribe cont- ishitachandas96 watch my other videos- makeup- how to shape & fill in your eyebrows (for beginners ) durga puja/diwali/navratri special makeup look skin care- why i call water as ugly god? complete skincare routine under monthly expenditure of RS.300 hair care- saloon like hair treatment- complete hair care routin