Best Bargain Review - Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1X 16 MP ... - Best Bargain Review - Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1X 16 MP Micro 43 Compact System CameraAdditional FeaturesA new Level Gauge , which lets the camera detect the horizontal/vertical angle of view with its internal level working with the sensor. In addition , photos shot in portrait aspect will be automatically displayed vertically , regardless of which lens is used.One Push AE adjusts exposure with a single press of the “Fn” (Function) button when it is over/under exposed , which is especially useful when shooting outdoors with open aperture or indoors with fast shutter speed. Dust Reduction System helps to eliminate dust or foreign matter getting inside the LUMIX GX1 when lenses are being changed. By placing a supersonic wave filter in front of the Live MOS sensor that vibrates vertically around 50 , 000 times per second , the filter repels dust and other particles effectively.Zoom operation can be controlled with touch control when either of Panasonic’s new LUMIX X Power Zoom lenses are attached. And the zoom speed can also be adjusted in two steps for more precise control.Popular iA and iA Plus modes for beginners looking for automatic shooting in both still and video modes.Increased energy consumption and an approximately 11%** longer battery life when compared to the LUMIX DMC-G3 , which also uses the same battery pack DMW-BLD10.The LUMIX G Series is a robust system of bodies and lenses , featuring a total of 14 Micro Four Thirds lenses including the new power zoom X lens – standard zoom lens , telephoto zoom lens , single focal length lens , wide-angle lens , fish-eye lens , macro lens , and even a 3D lens – to fit a variety of shooting scenarios and occasions.