Best Videos Compilation Week 4 August 2017 || JukinVideo

Another week , another comp. We got some crazy videos in this week , everything from a giant car swing to a guy trying a snowboard trick that only works in video games. Let us know what you think in the comments. Hope y'all enjoy. Original Links: Splash Zone: SUBMISSION Right of way: Flexible land: Pee-culiar stance: Weak ankles: Pescatarian Snake: Piano Pup: SUBMISSION Cat Sitting: It's a Boy: Let's dance: Pay your bills: Husky Hammock: Bearly friendly: Moose outa the way: Four-mation: Cat-astrophe: Isquish: New car taste: Not quite: Cirque de fail: Human Rabbit: Hot dog hilarity: SUBMISSION Indenpendent Dog: sk8r girl: Juanita is a bae: playground pushover: seal ya later: Do you lift bro: DIY Swing: In-home Invasion: https://i