Clementoni Disney Baby Minnie Musical Train ❤ Baby Toy With Light And Sound

For Kids Worldwide presents : Clementoni Disney Baby Minnie Musical Train ❤ Baby Toy With Light And Sound ! ☆ ★ ♪ ❤ SUBSCRIBE ❤ ♪ ★ ☆ ❤ Description ❤ This play set by Clementoni , a leading European manufurer of childrens toys , as well as infant toys , features Baby Minnie and a musical train. The charers in this play set are removable and this is a play set for young girls mostly. For over 50 years this famous company has been making puzzled and games which are becoming ever more popular in many different countries from all over the world. But not only toys - due to the companys Sapientino Young Learners learning range , Clementoni is the key producer of educational sets and games in Italy. These products meet the terms of quality standards as well as toy safety and the game features have been designed in the aim of developing kids cognitive as well as intellectual aptitude. Also , these products are at all times designed , as well as tested and engineered within Italy. This is a super super fun magical train which features three charers which can be removed. In f , if Minnie is pushed or inserted , there are musical tunes as well as other sound and light effects which can be heard and seen. Then , you can turn the chimney stack and by winding the train up , you can watch it run off ! The play set contains a train and as many as three Disney baby charers. The dimensions and specifications of this play set are the following: the weight is 780 grams , the length is 40 cm , the height is 11 cm , and the width or depth is 16.8 cm. Batteries are required for this toy set. The mini Minnie figure is made of good and sturdy plastic , and she is dressed in a cute pink playsuit and holding a lollipop and in f , it is mini Minnie who is driving the train ! And in the wagons behind her , there is the second figurine , a baby Donald Duck , who is wearing a purple suit and holding a pink bag. The next figure , the wonderful dog Pluto , is a puppy holding a big bone in