Colon Hydrotherapy and Constipation in Hana, Maui , Hawaii (Colon Hydrotherapy) , many physicians strongly sanction the procedure. Leonard Smith , a board certified gastrointestinal surgeon of more than 25 years fully endorses colon hydrotherapy , especially for ill patients and specifically those with cancer. " Seriously ill patients tend to be chronically constipated.Suffering from constipation. , which results in generalized toxemia toxemia (tŏksē`mēə) , disease state caused by the presence in the blood of bacterial toxins or other harmful substances. The effects of the bacterial toxins known as endotoxins are relatively uniform , regardless of which bacterial , " Smith says. He asserts that frequent colon hydrotherapy keeps such toxicity to a minimum , aiding in recovery. Smith recommends that healthy people undergo colon hydrotherapy every couple months. Postchemotherapy patients , or anyone who has recently been on a lot of medication , benefit tremendously from more frequent visits.