Communist savagery

Communism has never led to anything other than killing , destruction and suffering. Tens of millions of people have been forced to migrate , subjected to systematic famine and worked to death like slaves in labor camps. Millions of people have also been the targets of shootings by communist terror organizations or else have lived in fear of being so targeted.   YOU ARE NOW ABOUT TO SEE a few examples of the savagery inflicted by communist ideology , which attaches no value to human beings;   - LENIN SEIZED ALL THE PEASANT’S PRODUCTS AND SEEDS AND ABANDONED 29 MILLION PEOPLE TO STARVE TO DEATH BETWEEN 1921 TO 1922. FIVE MILLION OF THESE PEOPLE DIED OF FAMINE AFTER LONG SUFFERING.     -Stalin established " requisitioning detachments " that would confiscate peasants’ harvests by force. As a result , SIX MILLION PEOPLE DIED OF FAMINE IN THE MOST HORRIBLE MANNER. At the same time , hundreds of thousands of tons of cereals were actually exported to prevent other countries becoming aware of this evil. -In Stalin’s time IT WAS A SERIOUS CRIME to sell grain on the market , have an employee to help with the harvest or even possess two samovars. Peasants were arrested on the pretext that they had " taken part in commerce , " when they had sold something of their own making. -Famine caused the deaths of six million men , women , children , old people and infants in Stalin’s time , not because Soviet farms produced insufficient grain , but because the Communist party wanted this man-made famine to happen. In other words , it was mass murder. -Many people were sent to concentrations camps known as ‘Gulags’ in the time of the Soviet dictator Stalin , where they were worked to death under extremely harsh conditions. Most people never left the camps alive.  MILLIONS OF WORKERS AND PEASANTS WHO REVOLTED AGAINST THE BOLSHEVIK REGIME BETWEEN 1918 AND 1953 WERE SLAUGHTERED. -Following the Red Army’s invasion of Afghanistan it employed the most despicable methods against Muslims; they m