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CUBE BUILDER for KIDS (HD) - Build an Ankylosaurus Dinosaur for Children - AApV

Support us on Patreon Thank You ! Awesome Cube Building in Cube Builder for Kids Playlist Cube Builderof cartoon videos are dedicated to stimulating learning children´s creative imagination and be relaxing and simple at the same time with original music for children and absolutely non violent with lots of nice and bright colors. Another issue of Cube Builder this time with some mild and simple learning english for kids narration. With yet another 1080p Dinosaur video for kids. Build an Herbivorous Ankylosaurus from cubes and Bricks or other different geometry objects for our little dinosaur zoo in new infinite Cube Builderdedicated to Building things out of many cubes. It is something like building out of Lego or minecraft Bricks only with help of some 3d Animation magic. Enjoy this simple animated cartoon for kids and toddlers with some fun imaginative concepts learning ! Narrated Cube Builder videos can be also used a basic english vocabulary lessons for learning some basic english words. Cheers About Ankylosaurus from Wikipedia Ankylosaurus is the largest known ankylosaurid dinosaur , estimated to have been up to 6.25 m (20.5 feet) long , 1.5 m (4.9 feet) wide , and 1.7 m (5.6 feet) tall at the hip. This length has been proposed by American palaeontologist Kenneth Carpenter , and is based on the largest known skull (specimen NMC 8880) , which is 64.5 cm (25.4 inches) long and 74.5 cm (29.3 inches) wide. The smallest known skull (specimen AMNH 5214) is 55.5 cm (21.9 inches) long and 64.5 cm (25.4 inches) wide , and this specimen is estimated to have been 5.4 m (17.7 feet) long and around 1.4 m (4.6 feet) tall.[2] Other authors have proposed a body length of 7 m (23 feet) , [3] 8–9 m (26.2–29.5 ft) , [4] or more than 9 m (29.5 feet).[5] The weight of the animal has been estimated at 6 tonnes (13 , 000 lb).