CUTEST LITTLE LIVE PETS MOUSE HOUSE Mouse TRAIL Kinder Surprise Eggs Cat vs Mouse Battle Challenge

AMAZING CUTEST LITTLE LIVE PETS Lil MOUSE HOUSE Cute Mouse House TRAIL Kinder Surprise Eggs with surprise toys and Cutest Cat vs Mouse Battle Challenge opening by Hailey. Super fun & funny video today with a new Moose Toys Little Live Pets Mouse House and Little Live Pets Lil Mouse House Trail along with some Kinder surprise eggs and surprise toys. Hailey even had a super cute cat vs mouse battle challenge to see who would win. The Little Live Pets Mouse House with Snippy the mouse was a lot of fun to play with and so cute that did some really funny things. Hailey really liked it and has been caring for Snippy the mouse all day. The portability of the mouse house is very convenient while the mouse trail is fun to watch the Live Pets Lil Mouse run around on. Snippy has over 25 unique sounds and very cute movements. Snippy can even fall asleep and the sound he makes sounds really adorable. The surprise toys inside the Kinder surprise eggs were a toy spring and a few toy spinners that you blow to make them spin. Kinder surprise eggs are Haileys favorite chocolate egg and taste the best she says. The interive toy Little Live Pets Lil Mouse also come in single packs and you can collect them all to play together ! Come join the kid-friendly & family-friendly fun that is suitable for a baby , toddlers , young kids , and kids of all ages by subscribing to Haileys Magical Playhouse channel: The Little Live Pets Mouse House was bought for $24.99 and the Little Live Pets Lil Mouse House and Trail was $17.99 at Toys R Us. Both are suggested for ages 5 and up and made by Moose Toys - the same makers of Shopkins & Trash Pack along with other toys. Thank you all so much for watching and supporting Hailey. It means a lot to us. Hailey and I are so very grateful ! Heres how to write toys in other languages: juegos , juguetes , giocattoli , spielwaren , brinquedos , carrinhos , spielsachen , leker , spielzeug , jouets , speelgoed , 玩具 , leksaker , खिलौने , игрушки , đồ ch