Danny Glover Claim vs History of Racism and Gun Control Ben Swann - Full Disclosure

Danny Glover made some pretty interesting claims about gun control and slavery. Are they true? Ben Swann takes a look at the historical record in Full Disclosure. ================================ USA; armenian; genocide; firearms; rifles; second amendment; rights; freedom; Sandy Hook; confiscation; gun ban; GCI; terror; columbine; khmer rouge; barack obama; ukraine; constitutional; supreme court; statistics; schools; safety; education; facts; fact check; demand a plan; curriculum; educational; registration; uganda; china; society; Adam Lanza; instructional; newtown elementary; Connecticut; school shooting; mass murder; 2012; barak obama; sandy hook elementary; FEMA; exercises; bushmaster; conspiracy; fast and furious; OKC; pol pot; totalitarian; FEMA camps; NDAA; staged; event; columbine; batman massacre; sikh temple; WTC; racism; movie; danny glover; evidence; proof; ben swann; anti-constitutional; political; slavery; american history; operation artichoke; issues; teaching; college; manchurian; programming; second shooter; elitism; racism; U; children; prepper; domestic; terrorism; slavery; black; negro; KKK; TSA; constitution; semi-auto; gun control; ban; freedom; CT; FBI; slaves; slave; USA