Do Illegal Immigrants Help or Hinder US Economic Growth?

Do Illegal Immigrants Help or Hinder US Economic Growth?The New School - The New SchoolNew School President Bob Kerrey and a panel of leading experts with divergent viewpoints engage in lively debate to hammer out practical , legislative approaches to immigration reform.Speakers discuss why a legislative solution is critical and what the right legislation would look like. They also examine the McCain/Kennedy Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act and subsequent proposals and discuss which aspects of those proposed solutions are feasible and well thought-out.Finally , the speakers assess what the new Administration has accomplished in its first 100 days and what it needs to address going forward.Speakers include: Michael Aytes , acting deputy director , U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services , Department of Homeland Security; Tamar Jacoby , president & CEO , ImmigrationWorks USA , Inc.; Mark Krikorian , executive director , The Center for Immigration Studies; Marshall Fitz , director of advocacy , American Immigration Lawyers Association; Jeffrey Passel , senior demographer , Pew Hispanic Center; and Alec Ian Gershberg (contributing moderator) , Associate Professor , Milano The New School for Management and Urban Policy.