Dog Relaxation, Calming Music, Bed Time Hyperness for relaxation and all Dog Anxieties (tested)

This video was designed for bed time restlessness when all of the sudden wants to play and you need to get to sleep. Also great for the Nervous rescue dog , Puppy weaning. Will work for all breeds if successful. Remember it may take a few times , but dogs are smart. When they begin to hear the music or if you use another video they will in fact know that it is time for bed. We have a hyper night time dog who may from time to time want to play at bed time and after a few listens the dog started to relax at the same time we did and we couldn't have been more happier.Being a guitar player myself , sometimes it's just finding the right tones of music and you will be surprised. We hope we can Calm Your Dog House. A tremendous thank you to all our supporters. Thank you , DG Creator