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Petey Vid is run by a one man show (and his cat) free from any outside corporate influence.

Please consider donating to Petey Vid's mission to help the fight in Internet censorship. Every contribution is greatly appreciated.

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Petey Fan Mail

"The Google dominated Internet really controls what you see it seems and your platform really gives a more objective search experience. I think that is something that is a commodity these days". -Best Regards, Micah

"Just found your site. Great job! I was feeling claustrophobic with all of Google/Youtube's "recommendations". PeteyVid breaks me out of that box!" - Nathan

"Hi, @peteyvid !! I just discovered you and your AMAZING search powers!! GOOD ON YE!!! Keep rockin'! I hope more people find you and see how you can help them find videos all over the web without blinding them from options. We've needed you!" - Gardner

"Your search engine works openly , the way the internet and search engines used to work. Seems to find videos Google never can!"

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