Dr Hitesh Sheth - I'm Goona Copy

I’m surely gonna copy , Be it poem , DVD or floppy , And win Nobel Prize and trophy. I will copy poets all Whether they are big or small Ya ! No one can make me stop Till I scale a fame’s highest top. At the beginning of age When God made men in his own image He started this “Plagiarist” trend Which I am not gonna end. And what is creativity? If not an ability to hide a source of theft with impunity. When there is nothing original under the sun , Why should I copy not and deprive myself of fun. So I’ll copy them word by word be they Pablo , Shakespeare or Wordsworth. I’ll copy them from morn to evening And would excel HITESH and Kipling. Can you prove , they were not plagiarist , And had not copy from some poet’s list. You can inform FBI , KGB or CIA , But I won’t stop my wanton ways. And I will copy without shame , Till I earn big name and fame. I will copy till people start copying me , And then and then only I will give up this vice with glee.: -) (This poem is a sequel to poem , “hay all you people that like to copy” written by Melissa Schreuder) Dr Hitesh C Sheth 19/05/2009Dr Hitesh Shethhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/i-m-goona-copy/