Dr. Sakti P. Chakravorty - MIRRORFUL OF REFELCTION

MIRRORFUL OF REFELCTION esspeecee …26.01.96. Faceful of your dimpled smile Is bolus of solace to me. Blushful of your cheeks Are heart-blusher to me. Boosomful of your acrobatic breaths Is flirty floor exercise to me. Headful of your rippled hairs Are million hopes to me. Eyeful of your stares Are nude emotions to me. Tongueful of your phonations Are musical-brooks to me. Tearful of your eyes Are haunting nightmares to me. Foreheadful of your frownings Are qualmish quests for me. Beadful of your statued sweats Are lingering languors to me. Printful of your fugitive foot marks Are twilight rendezvous to me. Restful of you sleep Is cuddled dream to me. I’m your mirror To reflect you better In my stealth shelter. Copyright reserved by the AuthorDr. Sakti P. Chakravortyhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/mirrorful-of-refelction/