Edgar Andrade Baguio - Fractions and Frictions of Eternity

Life desires love Love hires life Love inspires life Life expires love Life recreates love Love creates life Love impresses life Life expresses love Life tires love Love fires life So what? Why so many lives lost for love? Was there any love lost for life? There was a Savior who lost His for love Yeah , even a pure love for his people But a phony one who wants to save all For his love of power and glory came And declared a great war in heaven An eternal war of good and evil The casualties were and are so great And the loyalties firm to retaliate Each time a man made his choice Whether in plain or on sea's noise These seemingly antonyms of old With enmity from ancient foretold One could receive a life eternal While the other death infernal One may use things to love people The other use people to love things But few can use both things and men To feed their endless obsessions' den Does this mean that man's choice a day Will determine his eternal pathway? Absolutely ! Towards his own destiny To cradle his life and love in continuity With its fractions and frictions of eternity ! Edgar Andrade Baguiohttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/fractions-and-frictions-of-eternity/