Educational Options For Your Kids And You: Pioneer In Learning, David Rodriguez

Educational Options For Your Kids And You: Pioneer In Learning , David Rodriguez | Richard Sacks Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 9/30/18 Listen online: John Taylor Gatto ( has been an incredible voice of inspiration and insight into the difference between real education and the compulsory indoctrination programs that most children are forced into in our present society. As John's health has not allowed him to personally respond to the all the demands from those who want his wisdom , the tradition of inspiring all of us to pursue real education for ourselves and our kids has gotten a huge boost from the insightful and electrifying work of one of John's students , educational pioneer David Rodriguez ( and ( At Lost Arts Radio , we have been interviewing guests who explored the possibilities of education beyond conventional limits for years , such as Dayna Martin ( , known for her writing and speaking promoting the concept and practice of " radical unschooling , " which unleashes kids to learn in the way best suited to each individual ( Now we have the honor and privilege of a visit with David Rodriguez , who will give us a taste of the excitement and magic of what real education is like , both for the kids and for ourselves. Since we're interested in seeing planetary healing come to our world as quickly as possible ( , the upcoming discussion with David is right on time. Join me , your host Richard Sacks , every week for fascinating discussions , amazing guests and useful information that you will not want to miss. If you want to support our work , please use the Donate button on our website , , and tell others about the show. Also , even if you don't have