F.K 1

CREDITS:Main Translators: sweetcrush and psiclopz Editors: psiclopz , amrayu and moon_maiden Raw Provider: amrayu Timer: ironicwave Karaoke Trans: psiclopz Karaoke/SFX: Nawidy Encoder , Typesetter , QC , Project Manager: amrayu Special thanks to: sweetcrush , psiclopz , ironicwave , moon_maiden , Lone , ironicwave and Nawidy [Inoue Mao as Fukunaga Mio , Ito Hideaki as Kano Ikki , Hiraoka Yuuta as Yuuki Akio] In this romantic comedy , Inoue Mao stars as a selfish girl named Fukunaga Mio. Because of a serious illness , she lives in the U.S. for medical treatment. Before undergoing an important operation , she returns to Japan , where she meets the older brother she has been separated from since her parents' divorce. She finds Kazuki (Ito Hideaki) leading a good-for-nothing life , but he shows his seriousness when he resolves to find a way for Mio to experience her first kiss. Hiraoka Yuuta plays the love interest , a rookie doctor.