Gilmore Girls Outro Music "Fast Jeep Ride" - 1 Hour Loop - (original music by Sam Phillips) -

Sam Phillips responded to me on twitter and told me that this song's title is " Fast Jeep Ride " . Awesome ! Thanks , Sam ! This was created for TACOinFLORIDA002's daughter , who loves dancing to the outro of Gilmore Girls , but it never lasts long enough. :) First , if Sam Phillips , or the creators of Gilmore Girls ask me to remove this , I absolutely will do that. Check out Sam's music here: The recording of the music is my cover of the outro song on every episode of the Gilmore Girls. I basically played the song for a minute or two , recorded to a click track. Then cut and paste it so that it was a seemless loop for one hour. Though , at the one hour mark , it comes to an end. :)