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Gouridaan - গৌরীদান - 6th May 2014 - Full Episode

" Police starts interrogating everyone in the Ghoshal bari. They ask Mohamaya to call everybody in front of them , but she denies. In the meantime Gouri comes running in front of the police. Then they ask her that whether she stays there or not , she replies that she has come from Nisabpur. Police ask her about her jewellery and Saree , then Mohamaya replies that they are performing Annapurna puja , and in the puja young girl sits .Watch the entire episode of this new show to know what happens next. The story traces the journey of a bright little village girl , Gouri , who is married off at the tender age of 8 , Gouri has to accept and accustom herself to a new family of strangers and accept her roles as a friend , lover , wife and a daughter-in-law during childhood itself. She and her husband Biswanath (13yrs old) face growing pains together in this household under the orthodox iron hand of Katyani. "