How to budget at University - ways to manage spending, and how to get an income while you're there

Here’s how to leave university with a degree AND a MINIMISED DEBT. This video looks at ways to budget and get an income. ------ ▶️ ON OUR WEBSITE & " MONEY MATTERS " BLOG - How to stretch your budget at university: - How to complain about your university: How to choose the best student bank account: - Should I pay off my student loan? - The true cost of being a student: ------ ▶️ SOCIAL Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: ------ ▶️ VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Tuition fees are continuing to rise at most UK universities. Rents are higher than they have ever been and we’re all feeling the economic pinch. So how do you win at your finances without winning the lottery first? Make the most of the money that you have. 1. Learn how to budget. Budgeting is the foundation of making the most of the money you’ve got and staying in control. 2. Find the discounts. A huge number of stores offer a student discount now , including cinemas and food chains. 3. Be savvy about savings. If you’ve got £20 to last you until the end of the week then the smart choices are those that give you more for £20. 4. Drink less ! You’ll do your bank account – and your liver – a favour if you cut down what you’re imbibing at least a couple of days a week. 5. Healthy food does come cheap. The best sources of nutrients & min