How to make ThanksGiving Frog Handprint Craft | Handmade Craft | Art with Chart

Steps to make:*Make lily pad. 1. Cut a shape like a pie piece out of the paper plate to make it look like a lily pad2. Paint paper plates3. Make water lilies4. Glue the four flowers together where the petals rest so that it fills the gaps. Bend the petals up on each flower except for the bottom 5.Glue the flowers to lily pads.*Now make frog handprint1. Trace handprint on dark green cardstock. Cut out your handprint.2. Make frog eyes. 3. Glue the eyes onto a frog handprint.4. Draw the mouth with a black sharpie.5. Cut out a little strip of red cardstock and curl around a pencil for the tongue and then glue down.6.Glue handprint frog to the roll on the paper plate so it stands upHope you like it