1. Former Navy Seal slams Biden's 'war' on the Second Amendment

    Rumble — Former Navy Seal Jack Carr responds to Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland's answer on the Second Amendment . Please be sure to give a thumbs up on my videos and hit the subscribe button . Share this information so we can awaken the masses ! ! ! You can also help support this channel via

    • 2021-03-04 00:12
  2. Trump's CPAC Speech-He never admitted to a corrupt DOJ & FBI that never preempted election fraud

    Rumble — At InspoNews we support Donald J . Trump . Period , But even the President must change some things . We were so hoping for some admission of mistakes with his hiring of Deep State personnel who not only worked to undermine him the whole time he was in office (we warned him here in advance for years) but were a key factor in allowing the steal of oue election sysytem ! Fact is CPAC FIZZLED un . . .

    • 2021-03-03 04:23
  3. Ted Cruz Presses Merrick Garland

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    • 2021-03-02 18:01