1. Empowering Afghan Businesswomen

    Over a decade ago , girls and women in #Afghanistan were not allowed to attend schools or participate in political and economic affairs . They had no representation in public life or private enterprises . Today , women from across the country are successfully running their businesses , participating in trade-fairs to increase sales , and creating jobs . Watch the video below ! #USAIDTransforms

  2. Faranges Food Production Company

    Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have the potential to be a key #economic driver of #Afghanistan’s development . They produce the goods and services that improve living conditions . They also generate the tax revenues which fund critical social services such as #education and #healthcare . In honor of the Micro , Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day , we're highlighting the story of Faranges Foo . . .

  3. Passage To Prosperity

    SAVE THE DATE ! #USAID is supporting the India-Afghanistan Trade and Investment Show , which will take place on September 12-15 in Mumbai , India . This exhibition will provide investors with a comprehensive outline of potential investment opportunities in #Afghanistan . For more information , visit: www . passage2prosperity . com

  4. Karwan E Haider

    One part of the pilgrimage which will leave every visitor perplexed is the sight of thousands of tents with makeshift kitchens set up by local villagers and from pilgrims around the world . The tents (called 'mawkeb') are places where pilgrims get practically everything they need . From fresh meals to eat and a space to rest , to free international phone calls to assure concerned relatives , to baby d . . .

  5. Ramzy Yafei

    They Lied About 9/11 , They Lied About #Afghanistan , They Lied About #Iraq , They Lied About #Libya , They Lied About #Syria , They’re Lying About #Yemen , Do You Still Want To Believe Their Lies About #Iran? ⭕️ Four Star General Wesley Clark On War With Iran: 📹 https://youtu . be/B3B5xzApMZg “Growing Concern” Or “What We Know Now” Are Among Commonly Used Terms When Fabricating A Threat . . .