1. Electric vehicles by the numbers

    #Didyouknow that when temperatures drop it makes it harder for electric vehicle batteries to charge? Here are 4 tips to help you get the most out of your EV battery this winter . http://bit . ly/2ABAE6F . Also , see what other cool things there are to know about an EV car .

  2. U.S. Army

    #DidYouKnow: The 3d U . S . Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) Presidential Salute Battery is responsible for rendering honors to visiting foreign dignitaries and heads of state at the The White House , the Pentagon and elsewhere in the #Washington D . C . , area . The platoon also fires the final salutes during many funerals at Arlington National Cemetery and the platoon is the only unit of its kind in th . . .

  3. What is Nipah virus?

    #DidYouKnow: The Nipah virus has killed at least 10 people in India , but it first emerged among pig farmers in Singapore and Malaysia . Channel NewsAsia's Glenda Chong with more on the virus .

  4. China's Liang Hui (Two-sessions)

    Did you know what is China's most important political gathering each year? That is when the annual sessions of China's top legislative and advisory bodies be held . The season has been also well known as " Two Sessions " or " Liang Hui " . #DidYouKnow

  5. VForum_online_2018.mp4

    #DidYouKnow? Get access to exclusive content right here at #vFORUMOnline . From training and product introductory videos , to guides and helpful e-books with topics from modernizing #datacentres , #digitalworkspace and industry trends , get a boost-up in empowering your digital change . ​ Not forgetting the education promo up for grabs to #vmware learning zone and certification courses , continue your . . .

  6. Block Plant

    #DidYouKnow ATCO expanded its activities with a Block Production facility back in 1995 ! Which was the first step for the now high-tech fully automated block & paver plant capable of producing 3 times the volume of the previous facility . 😎

  7. China is improving its air quality

    Reducing coal-energy consumption , increase percentage of renewable energy and switching to electric cars are just some of the steps the government has taken to fight air pollution in China . Read more: http://bit . ly/2wCmBMm #DidYouKnow Youtube: https://youtu . be/Zd-bhg3n2Kw

  8. Channel NewsAsia

    #Didyouknow: Singapore loses about 5% of its water through inaccurate meter readings or leaking pipes . It aims to reduce this amount: