1. Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights

    Jason . Freddy Krueger . Michael Myers . — None of these scary old white dudes can vote . . . but many others are expected to hit the polls this November . Varicolored people , we’ve been hiding and running for way too long ! This November we win at the polls #GetOutTheVote #ElectionDay⁠ ⁠

  2. FNN: National Coverage Midterms 2018 - FULL RESULTS

    FOX News Now Host Mike Pache will bring you full results on Election Night . Will it be a BLUE OR RED WAVE? We will have full results for Senate , House and Gubernatorial races across the country . #ElectionDay #Vote #IVoted There are two scenarios that have relatively low probabilities but are about equally likely: 1) Democrats , relying on many new and low-propensity voters , have been consisten . . .

  3. Frank LaRose

    Live from the polls in Hilliard: It’s #ElectionDay⁠ ⁠and you still have time to vote ! Info at FrankLaRose . com/vote 🇺🇸🗳

  4. Make Your #VotingSquad

    YOU are the best messenger to get out the vote . Make your #VotingSquad now . Reach out to five people , start a group text , and make sure everyone has a plan to cast their vote on or before #ElectionDay , November 6 . Build your #VotingSquad: weall . vote/2SjT6WA . Then tag five friends to start theirs , too !

  5. Deep South Cancer Foundation

    It’s #ElectionDay and #GivingTuesday ! Have you performed your civic duty today? No matter your position on things , voting is an easy way to give back to your community . Want to know another way to give back to your community that’s also free? Register today to ride for #MagicCityCycliad ! Go to www . cycliad . org . Registration is free , and you’re provided with your own on FUNding page ! Lot . . .

  6. Media Spin, Trump under fire after suggesting gun owners could stop Clinton

    Trump’s intended message was not immediately clear , but lawmakers , former national security officials and other critics expressed concern that he had advocated , possibly in jest , that Clinton or her Supreme Court nominees could be shot . IMO this was taken out of context . You need to watch the full video . Trump full speech Donald Trump Rally in Wilmington , NC About guns starts at the 17:20 minuet . . .

  7. "It's over, so now what?"

    " It's over , so now what? " Jeff Gillan reports on the day after the midterm election with a look at the mark made on Nevada and the nation . KSNV News 3 , Las Vegas brings you the story with voters , who hope for team work in a divided Congress . While you're here , reflect on #ElectionDay and beyond - do you see a country more willing to talk or does deep tribalism continue?