1. Diesel Smart Performance Products

    😍😍😍😍 3 . 2 Ltr Stroker 4JJ1 getting dressed up with all the HPD Gear and Fast bits ready to drop into the New RC Coloardo Drag ute . Forged pistons , Forged Rods , Forged Crank , ported and polished head with larger valves , Drag Inlet and exhaust cams . Torque Master Exhaust Manifold ready to be married up to the new Compound Turbo system . Everything you see in this video and a lot more you c . . .

  2. Liz Hurley WAFF 48

    Car left the road and flipped upside down just off N Pkway/Clinton Avenue . I hear what sounds like the jaws of life snapping as well as a saw . Have no idea about the condition of the driver . No paramedics on scene , but 8 #HPD units here