1. MARC - Hurt So Good (Lyrics / Lyric Video) feat. Kiera Weathers

    Your Home For The Best Electronic Music With Lyrics ! Download MARC feat . Kiera Weathers - Hurt So Good here: https://ocean-music . lnk . to/MARC-HSGThe style of this track almost feels like trance on the intro with the soothing vocals from Kiera Weathers . Then MARC pushes it into the drop which feels so right . . . Enjoy Hurt So Good ! ✅ Follow Wave's Spotify Playlists: https://open . spotify . com/user/wavem . . .

  2. WTF with Marc Maron PodcastEpisode 930 - Peter Fonda / Andy Kindler & J. Elvis Weinstein

    WTF with Marc Maron PodcastEpisode 930 - Peter Fonda / Andy Kindler & J . Elvis Weinstein http://hwcdn . libsyn . com/p/1/6/0/160e8b2c223b9c18/WTF_-_EPISODE_930_PETER_FONDA . mp3?c_id=21950755&cs_id=21950755&destination_id=14434&expiration=1530781191&hwt=b4487f81e644604b5e2e5a6f254fdcef #WTF #with #Marc #Maron #PodcastEpisode #930 #Peter #Fonda #/ #Andy #Kindler #J #Elvis #Weinstein

  3. Jippiet

    As the computers fail to secure the democratic vote , the old fashioned red pencil is resurrected back from the grave . For most ordinary people this is the first time they come into contact with " The Red Pencil " , the gatekeeper of democracy . But nothing is what it seems , the red pencil can change color like a chameleon . It has the power to read your mind and manipulate you into wrong choices . @deco . . .

  4. Best Movies you NEED to Watch

    Stay (2005) Sutradara : #Marc #Forster Cast : Ryan Gosling : Henry Letham Ewan McGregor : Dr . Sam Foster Naomi Watts : Lila Culpepper Sinopsis : Seorang mahasiswa bernama #Henry Letham (Ryan Gosling) disebuah universitas memberi pengakuan bahwa dia akan bunuh diri dihari yg sudah ditentukan , yaitu hari dimana dia ulang tahun ke-21 , sama seperti seorang seniman yang dia kagumi . Psikolog di universi . . .

  5. Coconut Watch Us - Hàng Mỹ xách tay

    🌸 Khởi đầu ngày mới bằng em #Marc trẻ trung , năng động này 🌸🌼🌸 🌼 Hơn hẳn là một công cụ để xem giờ , Marc đã cho ra đời phiên bản hoa siêu cưng . . thay thế món đồ trang sức của bạn 💓 #Giá_sale_cực_tốt dự là sẽ cháy hàng khét lẹt đây hiahieaaaa 😝😝 🌸 Case 28mm vừa xinh . Đủ 2 tone sliver và rose gold