1. Inverclyde Council‏

    If you have any of the symptoms of coronavirus: a new and continuous cough , a high temperature , or a loss or change of taste or smell , you should immediately visit http://nhsinform . scot/coronavirus  or call 0800 028 2816 if you can’t get online to arrange a test #coronavirus #TestandProtect

    • 2020-05-29 13:46
  2. S

    A Somerville‏ - #TestAndProtect is now live across Scotland . Here's what you can expect if called by a contact tracer The contact tracer will introduce themselves , state the reason for their call , and will *always* identify the call recipient by name . (1/4)

    • 2020-06-03 15:02
  3. Angela Epstein‏

    On today’s ⁦ @JeremyVineOn5⁩ was explaining why I believe it should be compulsory to admit when we have been contacted by test and trace . Otherwise chance not everyone will show civic spirit #TestAndProtect

    • 2020-05-28 19:49
  4. NHS 24‏

    The NHS Scotland Test and Protect service has been introduced to control the spread of ⠀⠀ coronavirus as lockdown measures are eased . Everyone has a part to play . Find out more ⠀⠀ at http://www . nhsinform . scot/coronavirus  #TestandProtect

    • 2020-05-28 13:00
  5. Scottish Government‏

    To support NHS Scotland's #TestAndProtect service and ensure the health and safety of customers and staff , public venues in Scotland such as cinemas and pubs will collect customer's contact details to allow contact tracing if necessary . Find out more http://bit . ly/CustomerDataCollection …

    • 2020-07-17 16:00