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    “Mixie” 🎥 Next Week 🚀🤯 Dir . & Edited @artzisartsy DP . @mage_parlays 2nd Camera @jaiel . perez Lighting @unconventionalife vinny davino Wardrobe by @mrvargas_ Art displayed by @nappynigel Music Prod . @theovtlier Mixed By @tythesoundgod Ft Vocals From @outisnbdy @devintracy Model @____kaptain Dj by @_ruggz & Jon Jon #RejectDreams #ARTZ #Mixie #Nbdy #devintracy #video #musicvide . . .

  2. 反迫害11周年法轮功美国国会山集

    反迫害11周年法轮功美国国会山集会 http://www . ntdtv . com/xtr/gb/2010/07/23/a415343 . html #video 【新唐人2010年7月23日讯】在法轮功学员反迫害11周年之际,来自世界各地的法轮功学员7月22日下午汇聚在美国首都华盛顿DC的国会山前举行大型公众集会,多位国会议员及10多位非政府组织代表前来演讲和声援。

  3. Secreta Corporis, a Templar's story (trailer)

    Review by Michael Nava , author of the Henry Rios novels , which were praised as " an exceptional series " by the New York Times , and the historical novel , The City of Palaces: Secreta Corporis is , in the tradition of The Name of the Rose , a marvelously erudite novel that brings the past to life in all its complexity while engaging the reader's sympathy in the love story of Rolant and Audric , Knight . . .