1. Rachel Notley

    We worked with Albertans to bring in the Climate Leadership Plan – capping oil sands emissions , phasing out coal emissions , putting a price on carbon , and attracting record investment in renewable energy . Together , we're getting this pipeline built . #KeepCanadaWorking #ABleg #ABpoli

    • 2018-05-29 14:59
  2. "Worst Recession in Two Generations."

    " Alberta is experiencing the worst recession in two generations , but things are looking up . " The NDP have acknowleged that they are aware people are suffering , private enterprise is suffering , and that Alberta as a whole is suffering . Foreign investment of oil and gas in Alberta dropped 15 billion in 2017 . Under the NDP goverment , how much do you think it will drop in 2018? We cannot allow this nu . . .

    • 2018-11-01 18:25
  3. Upgrading more at home

    Across the province , from kitchen tables to board room tables , Albertans agree - we need to do more refining here at home . ‬ ‪I agree . ‬ ‪That’s why we're kick-starting a new era of upgrading , so we can get more value for our product - and more jobs - right here in Alberta . ‬ ‪ #ableg‬

    • 2018-11-22 16:29
  4. Rachel Notley

    I am so grateful to all of the AISH recipients who came forward and helped us take this important step forward . Raising the rates today is important and putting the yearly increases into law means future governments can’t easily - or behind closed doors - slash those rates . No matter how much they want to . #ableg #aish

    • 2018-11-12 21:57
  5. Rachel Notley

    It was such an honour and privilege to join so many as we celebrated and honoured the work of the generations who came before us . We have settled the claim once and for all . I can’t wait to move forward together toward a brighter , stronger future for everyone . #ableg #abpoli

    • 2018-11-13 23:28
  6. Jason Kenney failed to get the job done.

    Jason Kenney seems to enjoy Monday-morning quarterbacking , criticizing , and cheering against Alberta's success but , when he was in government and had the chance to actually do something , he and his conservative friends failed . When he sat in the federal cabinet , there were conservative premiers were in Alberta & BC , they failed to get a single pipeline to tidewater I'm not done fighting . We will . . .

    • 2018-11-21 15:09
  7. Rachel Notley

    I had a great time celebrating Diwali last week . Diwali is a beautiful reminder to come together and drive out darkness with light . We are stronger , together . That's the spirit of Diwali , and that's the spirit of Alberta , too . #Diwali #ableg #abpoli

    • 2018-11-13 11:31
  8. MLA Karen McPherson takes on sexual misconduct at the legislature

    MLA McPherson speaks about her letter to the Speaker of the Alberta Legislature asking for a review of the process around allegations of sexual misconduct . The Premier recently revealed that two members of the government caucus have been accused of sexual misconduct , and that the investigation was done secretly within caucus . That's not good enough , and Karen explains why . #ableg #abpoli

    • 2018-11-19 21:17
  9. Debt is the FIFTH Largest Department Under This Government

    " The department of debt is the FIFTH largest department in this government . " Why is the current NDP government doing so little to fight for the Trans Mountain Pipeline and contributing their best efforts to minimalize free enterprise in Alberta? We need to make change now , we need to give our enterises back to hard working Albertans , and we need to get this debt under control . #abpoli #medhat #abl . . .

    • 2018-10-30 18:08