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    Winston Bailey popularly known as " Mighty Shadow " , well known Caribbean Calypsonian dies at 77 Below is one of his popular tracks May his soul rest in peace Let Emonews hear about your favourite track from the Mighty Shadow #emonews #flow

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    The First Serenade Band today releases it's 2018 music video entitled Riches Of Dominica . The song is a collaborative project between Cletus Abraham a . k . a Halibut as author and The First Serenade Band as arranger . The band decided to release this video to coincide with Dominica's fortieth anniversary of Independence . The band sees the song as a motivational tool to the many Dominicans who surviv . . .

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    Traffic alert Drivers are asked to go easy on the roads . It's raining heavily and some streets are filled with water already . Drivers commuting the Blenheim to Bense route , please take note that the Blenhiem bridge has lots of water on there . Also , immediately after the bridge heading to Anse sol dat , a section of the road is also flooded out therefore proceed with caution #emonews #flow . 4GLTE

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    A nation blessed with the abundance of centenarians- Dominica Mister Heskieth Casimir of Goodwill turns 100 today . He is also a former member of the Music Lovers Band . Happy birthday to him #emonews #flow