1. Meadows Farm Vets Ltd

    Lovely little #heifer #calf safely delivered by Morgan Robinson this morning . Great to see the calf standing up and looking for the udder within 30 mins . Already been dosed with colostrum and now will start to suckle (once she finds the right place ! ) getting vital energy and helping the cow: stimulating the uterus to contract and cleansing to pass . #teambeef #teamMFVets

  2. Ripple Effect Images

    Sofia grew up in extreme poverty in the Highlands of Peru . She was outcast by her family at a young age and suffered through years of an abusive marriage before becoming homeless . For decades she lived hand to mouth , working odd jobs to survive . Heifer International's Healthy Homes program transformed Sofia's life . She was given the supplies she needed to build a little house of her own , with a c . . .