1. Gold-Ringed Tanager

    Icaro Birding Tours to Colombia is a proud exhibitor at this year's Southeast Arizona Birding Festival organized by Tucson Audubon Society from August 8-12 . We hope to meet with many of you there for the celebrations and to discuss the opportunity for a birding tour to Colombia ! This extraordinary Endemic and Endangered Gold-ringed Tanager was seen and filmed at Montezuma Peak in the Choco Bioregi . . .

  2. Dave Curren

    Morning coffee with Hubert #hummingbird He is very territorial . He’s buzzed my head twice , because I was standing “too close” to the feeder . ~Gesh Soaking up the smokey sunshine . Heading back tonight . Apparently there is weather on the horizon .

  3. Shameela Yoosuf Ali

    The last roses of the year . . . The winter shall come and rob away the colours and bird songs . . . But there will be a summer again . Despair not .

  4. Sydney Maxine

    We have all felt weak . Powerless . Useless . Underserving . Unlovable . You name it . It takes a strong person to admit any of those feelings . This is why I love this song so much . . @lennonstella did such a great job portraying the pain and inner turmoil that no one talks about . . . . it’s a constant battle in our heads of us telling ourselves that we aren’t good enough , but at the same time just sim . . .