1. Mola Mola In Crystal Bay On 14 October 2018

    Mola Mola encountered again today in Crystal Bay at 25m depth Mola Mola season is July to November in Bali 🐡 Dive with 10% discount as our followers 😉 🌐 www . atlantis-bali-diving . com 📧 info @atlantisbalidiving . com 📱+628123805767 (Whatsapp/Wechat) 🎥 Eka Maya/ Eka Mayasari . . #padi #mypadi #atlantisbali #dune #duneatlantis #underwaterphotography #uwphotography #liveyourpassion

  2. Zebra Urchin Crab (zebrida Adamsii)

    Zebra Urchin Crab /Zebrida adamsii Facts 🦀 ✔ It is " the most unusual " of the genera in the subfamily Eumedoninae , with long spines projecting from the body ✔ It has a distinctive pattern of stripes across the exoskeleton ✔ It is widespread in the Indian Ocean and western Pacific Ocean , from Japan to Australia Join our diving adventure around Indonesia with our Dune Aurora Liveaboard Ind . . .

  3. Mola Mola Encountered By Janet Hioe Tan & Friends

    A Mola Mola encountered by Janet Hioe Tan & friends in Crystal Bay on 3 Oct 2018 at 37 . 6m depth with 22 degree celcius water temp under guidance of Robbie Brenk/ Robbie Irawan 🐡 Mola Mola Season is going in Bali until November 🤙 Get 10% discount as our followers 🎉 🌐 www . atlantis-bali-diving . com 📧 info @atlantisbalidiving . com 📱+628123805767 . . #padi #mypadi #diving #scubadiving . . .

  4. Raja Ampat - School Of Gt Meet School Of Barracuda

    When a school of GT met a school of barracuda in Raja Ampat 🐟🐟🐟 Cruise & dive here with our Aurora Liveboard ⛵ 🌐 www . atlantis-bali-diving . com 📧 info @atlantisbalidiving . com 📱+628123805767 (Whatsapp/Wechat) . 🎥 Thierry Dubois . #padi #mypadi #atlantisbali #liveaboard #diving #scubadiving #komodo #rajaampat #auroraliveaboard #bali #indonesia #wonderfulindonesia #liveyourpassion

  5. Coral Spawning And Gametes Collecting In The Bahamas

    I was fortunate enough to join Secore International & The Perry Institute for Marine Science during their recent night dives at Green Cay in The Bahamas . I attended training sessions last year but this year I got to independently collect my own gametes ! It was such a great educational experience and my next step is to learn the lab work ! Acropora palmata is listed as critically endangered . Collec . . .