1. Great Bear Sea Journey

    Meet some of the people in The Great Bear Sea and get inspired about ocean planning ! Join us next Wedneday (3/9) at One Longfellow Square in Portland , Maine for the film and a conversation about our #ocean here in the Northeast . RSVP: http://bit . ly/RSVP-Portland

  2. Broken Jaws

    The Goblin Shark 😱🐟🦈 --- @theocean The goblin shark’s mouth is one of its adaptations to surviving in the deep . Instead of chasing after prey , which can take up a lot of energy , the goblin shark hunts by ambush , extending its jaw up to the size of its snout when catching prey . This not only makes the mouth of the shark bigger but also creates a vacuum , sucking in water and prey . The mou . . .