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  2. Why 50 Million E Commerce Shoppers Drop Out After First Purchase?

    Here’s the 50 million conundrum for India’s ecommerce — regular online shoppers in India are around 50 million , but almost the same number of Indians have stopped online shopping in the last 12 months . The online shopping dropouts and new shoppers coming online could transact up to $50 billion over the next five years . #retail #onlineshopping #OmidyarNetwork #google #Ecommerce #digitalpayme . . .

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    Hand Me Down

    France is paving the way for a sustainable future‼️ 🖐️♻️⬇️ @burberry this year burned 🔥🔥 over 28 million 💵💰💴 in unsold clothes citing intellectual property as the reason‼️ How does this make you feel❓ Tell us below‼️Tag @burberry and see what they say 🗑️ #waste #burberry #fashion #designer #clothing #brand #france #donation #fashionblogger #fashiomode . . .

  4. Sunday Night Takeover!

    Room Takeover ! Say PERKADERT and an emoji every time you s`h`a`r`e the Video for a chance to win an awesome prize awarded at the end ! Must be present on the live to win ! No requests , no passing . Passing on 1 item , you pass on entire order . 🏰Winners will be told at time of sale as it appears on my screen . My screen is the only one that’s real time . 🏰Sold comments must have numbers attached . . .