1. Amy Lou Smith

    There is something magical in the herbs and berries of Lapland . In summer they grow 24/7 under the midnight sun enjoying the purest air in the world , in winter they don’t fear harsh wind and snow . I use them in my shakes and love them ! Thank you reBodyBuilding . com who recommended them ! Who can argue with antioxidants and natural vitamins from plants ! . . . . Arctic Warriors turn these arctic . . .

  2. Jeff Speck TED TALK on urban living

    Great TED Talk by Jeff Speck . Urbanist Jeff Speck shows how we can free ourselves from dependence on the car -- which he calls " a gas-belching , time-wasting , life-threatening prosthetic device " -- by making our cities more walkable and more pleasant for more people . This is a mission that us at My Niche Apartments fully support ! #FindYourNiche #OwnYourLife

  3. Peter Santenello World

    There are so many different ways to carve up life and go for what you want . This is personal for everybody . If the traditional way isn’t your thing then you’re not alone . I loved this wisdom from this young Iranian woman Mona . She’s charged up about her future and going for her dreams . Not there yet like most of us , but pushing forward . #ownyourlife #future #iran