1. #BeLikeBill

    February is American Heart Month and we want people everywhere to feel empowered to save a life by knowing the signs of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) . This video tells the powerful story of Bill - an ordinary guy who acted in an extraordinary way to help save the life of a stranger suffering from SCA . With quality hands-only CPR and immediate deployment of an AED , you can #BeLikeBill . Cardiac Scienc . . .

  2. ISC Wales Haulerbiner in action

    A short clip of the ISC Wales Haulerbiner in action as part of a stretcher bridle set up . The Haulerbiner allows smooth and controlled micro adjustments of the casualties position at any time in relation to the environment or medical considerations . Video shot during offshore rescue capability demonstrations to various contractors working on the Hornsea one offshore windfarm . #RescueReady

  3. File a Float Plan

    Once you know where you’ll be boating , make sure you let someone know about your trip . In the case of an emergency , a float plan will provide essential information to rescuers . Your float plan will tell your designated contact when you are scheduled to return , and in the event that you are overdue , the float plan will provide details necessary to conduct a more informed search and rescue . Learn . . .

  4. Murrieta Police Department

    Wonderful news out of Murrieta , CA where every Murrieta Police Department patrol car and motorcycle will be equipped with a #RescueReady Powerheart G5 AED ! We are excited to partner with Murrieta Police Department & Murrieta Fire Rescue . Thank you to everyone involved ! Video via Murrieta Police Department