1. Creative Fruit Carving

    Hello my friends ! Press ❤️ and read about significance of this lunar month called Kislev 😊 Kislev is truly about Rosh Chodesh- a new head- a new mindset . It is the month with most of our dream parshas , Leah gives birth to her first child , Reuben , Channuka lights up the darkness and many events tied to chassidut are celebrated . The dreams are our subconscious space free from our rational . . .

  2. Senator Bob Menendez

    ‪Only when we are united against the dark forces of anti-Semitism can we defeat it . That’s why I was in Montclair to #ShowUpForShabbat this morning just one week after 11 of our fellow Americans were taken from us in Pittsburgh . #ShabbatShalom‬