1. Daniel McGowan - แดเนียล เพชรยินดีอคาเดมี

    Round 3 KO , when in doubt elbow it out 😘 Rusty first couple of rounds couldn't find my tempo maybe due to being out for nearly a year but once we started trading in round 3 I knew the tables were turning . Looking forward to chilling then getting back to the gym and improving ! ! Thank you everyone for the support love you all ! ! #PETCHYINDEE #SAYSCAFFOLDING #SOLIS #THEBHOY 🍀

  2. Daniel McGowan - แดเนียล เพชรยินดีอคาเดมี

    I've been having nightmares about my last performance . I am going to make sure I put the mistakes I made right and keep improving everyday . I fight on the 7th December against Daomongkon live on Thai TV (True 4 U) back to work 🥊💎 Thank you to my sponsors for there continued support I couldn't live this life without you . #SAYSCAFFOLDING #SOLIS #KINGSCALROOFINGLTD #TEAMPETCHYINDEE