1. Steve-O

    ‪I personally shot this footage of how the Earth looks from Outer Space . . . ‬ while riding in a Russian MIG fighter jet , going faster than the speed of sound . *edit* I can’t believe I just found out that “flat Earthers” are actually not uncommon ! #yeahdude #tbt #steveo #wbz #wildboy

  2. YouTube Is Dying! WILD Mariah Carey Lawsuit vs Assistant! My Dancing Video Triggers Twitter! AND... | Perez Hilton

    I posted a video dancing to a song from #RuPaulsDragRace and #GayTwitter made it go viral . They then started calling me the f word , ugly , a bad parent and so much more . This is my response ! Also , everyone needs to delete #Grindr ASAP ! Here's why ! Major #MariahCarey drama ! She's suing her assistant for blackmail ! The assistant countersues , alleging abuse ! All the wild allegations ! #YouTube has had . . .