1. Jim Abernethy

    Incredibly Excellent news ! Thanks so much for posting it ! Video and pist by @jessebruyn . experience - Yesterday was a big win , for now , for sharks in Australia ! Queensland tourism minister @katejonescooper of @qldlabor met with scientists and tourism operators and decided they will not be deploying sharknets or drumlines in the Whitsundays . . Instead of executing another senseless killing of shar . . .

  2. Ocean.Naut

    Just to hear the word " shark " comes to mind that terrible image of a mouthful full of sharp teeth , ready to tear and kill the bathers who venture on the beaches . Sharks carry the fame of murderous monsters easily , for various reasons . . The shark is an unpredictable , indomitable and savage animal , endowed with a series of characteristics that make it one of nature's most successful " machines " . . . . .

  3. Made in Water

    April highlight ! Amazing trip to #tigerbeach with México Azul Guillermo Mendoza Photo @valemil011 🦈🦈🦈 Buceamos , nos reímos , tomamos mezcal y hicimos amistades ! ! ! Muchas gracias por este viaje inolvidable !

  4. Wildlifevoice

    Repost from @argos . adventures Jim Abernethy talks regularly about his passion to help people make friends with sharks . While we were looking for Tiger Sharks and Hammerheads , our eyes were also scanning the bottom for Lemon Sharks resting peacefully nearby . These sharks know the drill . They rest at the bottom , waiting for divers to come rub their noses . The nose of a shark is full of sensitive ne . . .

  5. Daniel Hulme on Instagram

    What’s good about 15kt wind at #tigerbeach ? . . . . No one else runs out there so you get the whole place to yourself 🦈 . . . Amazing @tigerbeachdiving trip this weekend with @robertoochoahe and @pirryoficial . . 🎼 outside - @tenderofficialmusic