1. TheTorontoZoo

    Ever wonder how to take a voluntary hoof x-ray from a 250kg giraffe? Watch to see how our team can take a quick , stress-free x-ray using target training with Kiko 🦒 #TrainingTuesday https://t . co/war8gnlL2i

  2. DennisLeMaster7

    Sir , @TradocDCG as we @medcoe roll into another awesome #TrainingTuesday , I think about all of the awesome life saving training we have going on to show you . . . then it hits me , everyday is a Training day to save lives ! See you soon Sir 😎 https://t . co/fTky59puS8

  3. V Human ✌️🙏 (verothe1st)

    Sometimes she makes me want to 🎶 Scream & Shout 🎶 😝 Naaaah ! She mostly makes me proud 😊 I sometimes add a couple of punches after a kick , just so that there isn’t that “how did I do?” pause after the big effort 😉😉 but she’s over that and back to ‘ready’ after every combo . Great job @aka . lil . v Love ya ! 🤗😘🙏 Work hard , play harder and keep pushing , encouraging , . . .